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Brian Schmitt

I write about software development, security, and the tools of our trade.

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About Me

Who I am

As you might have guessed, my name is Brian Schmitt. I am a programmer, teacher, husband, and father. I am currently part of a team working in the Industrial gases industry, but like to spend my free time writing software, doing security research, and security testing.

Where you can find me

Among many places on the internet, you can find, follow, friend, and like me on twitter, github, linkedin, stackoverflow, or simply email me. Links can be found on the left. <——-

Brief background

My first computer was an Atari 800XL, which I programed with basic and assembler. My first project on the computer I built a basic security system for my bedroom. yada yada yada… I grow up and lately, I have been using mostly .Net languages (C# and F#), javascript, powershell, bash. Love the VIM editor, Visual Studio. You can find my computer setup along with the scripts at github.

Other interests

I love to home-roast my own coffee, and we are currently restoring our nearly 150yr old home.


This blog, it’s contents, and opinions are my own creative work and do not necessarily reflect nor represent those of my employer.